ⓘ Damnamenia


ⓘ Damnamenia

Damnamenia is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family.

The only known Damnamenia vernicosa called black-eyed Daisy. It is endemic to New Zealand, Auckland and Campbell Islands.

  • hybrids between these species have been recorded. The Black - eyed Daisy Damnamenia vernicosa bears white flowers that are 5 centimetres 2.0 in although
  • Croptilon Raf. Cuniculotinus Urbatsch, R.P.Roberts Neubig Rock goldenrod Damnamenia Given Darwiniothamnus Harling Dichrocephala DC. Dichaetophora A.Gray Dieteria
  • macrocarpa Chatham Islands Unknown New Zealand korokio Black - eyed daisy Damnamenia vernicosa Auckland and Campbell Islands Unknown Astereae Cucumber tree
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