ⓘ Boris Godunov (1954 film)

Boris Godunov (1954 film)

ⓘ Boris Godunov (1954 film)

Boris Godunov is a 1954 Soviet drama film directed by Vera Stroyeva, based on the opera of the same name by Modest Mussorgsky and the 1825 play by Alexander Pushkin, which tells the epic story of Tsar Boris Godunov, who reigned over Russia between 1598 and 1605. It was screened out of competition at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival.


1. Cast

  • Aleksej Krivchenya as Varlaam
  • Nikandr Khanayev as Vasili Shuysky
  • A. Turchina as Innkeepers wife
  • Venyamin Shevtsov as Misala, a monk
  • Georgii Nelepp as Grigori, the False Dmitri
  • Alexander Pirogov as Boris Godunov
  • Larisa Avdeyeva as Marina
  • Maxim Mikhailov as Pimen, a monk
  • Ivan Kozlovsky as The Fool
  • The name Boris was chosen by Yvonne, an avid classical music lover, after seeing a performance of Mussorgsky s opera Boris Godunov Boris later childhood
  • appear. With Rachmaninoff he learned the title role of Mussorgsky s Boris Godunov which became his signature character. Chaliapin returned the favor
  • 1919 1920. He debuted at the Kharkiv Opera in 1921 as Pimen in Mussorgsky s Boris Godunov and in 1925 moved to the Mariinsky Theatre in Leningrad. Reizen toured
  • to remain principal bass at the Met until 1974, adding roles such as Boris Godunov in English and Gurnemanz in Parsifal in German and singing all
  • Teresa in La sonnambula, Anna in Les Troyens, and Marina Mnishek in Boris Godunov In 1975 she appeared as Marcellina in the Chicago Lyric Opera s production
  • many roles in Russian operas, including the Pretender in Mussorgsky s Boris Godunov and the title role in Tchaikovsky s Vakula the Smith. He had a voice
  • London s Boris Godunov at the Metropolitan Opera. That same year he sang the role of Nika Magadoff again with the Philadelphia Orchestra. In 1954 McKinley
  • portion of Mussorgsky s Boris Godunov in the original Russian. A recording of Pinza singing Anema e core is heard in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers playing
  • 1963 she was invited to perform in a Bolshoi Theater production of Boris Godunov in Moscow. Her introduction to the opera houses of Europe and the world
  • 8088 90, Bruno 23001 3, Colosseum CRLP 10270, 80 and 90 Mussorgsky, Boris Godunov Melodiya D 0305 12 1952 D 05836 43 1959 Ultraphone 159 62 Bruno

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