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ⓘ Yian District

Yian District, formerly Tongling County, is a district of the city of Tongling, in the south of Anhui province, lying on the southern and eastern bank of the Yangtze River. The total area is 1.113 km 2. The population is 716.300.

Tongling is known as the place with 8 blessings”. The city has already identified thirty minerals, among which, the copper reserves are over 70% of Anhui province, the pyrite reserves ranks first in East China and the second largest in China, the limestone reserves of gold and silver, all are the first in Anhui province.

Jiang is a district with many rare aquatic animals, such as white dolphins, Aspera porpoise and the Yangtze alligator. Tongling, the origin of Chinese bronze culture, known as Chinese ancient bronze capital”.

Jian lies about halfway between Shanghai and Wuhan, Nanjing and Jiujiang. Also the North gate scenery resorts, Huangshan mountain and Jiuhua.

  • built in Thailand. The district used to be called Ratchakhrue ราชคฤห due to a nearby wat of the same name. It was renamed Bang Yi Ruea on 11 July 1916
  • Lin Yi - chun Chinese: 林 怡君 pinyin: Lin Yijūn born July 5, 1981 in Taoyuan now Taoyuan District Taoyuan City is a Taiwanese sport shooter. She won
  • Tsing Yi Estate Chinese: 青衣邨 is one of the 31 constituencies of the Kwai Tsing District Council in Hong Kong. The seat elects one member of the council
  • 2015. Chahar Bolak District Char Bolak Balkh Province. Afghan Biographies. Ghulam Hazrat Kushan, Afghanistan dar masir - i sada - yi bistum, Afghan American
  • Huangshan, Anhui Yi County, Hebei 易县 Baoding, Hebei Yi County, Liaoning 义县 Jinzhou, Liaoning Yi County, Shandong 嶧縣 now Yicheng District Zaozhuang
  • Village Yi ethnic subgroups in Dongchuan are Black Yi 黑彝, White Yi 白彝, and Dry Yi 干彝 Dongchuan City Gazetteer 1995: 744 The Black Yi and Dry Yi speak
  • Naruo 纳儒 Zhongcheng Township, District 4, Yongsheng County 永胜县四区忠诚乡 Zi Yi 子彝 autonym: Naruo 纳儒 Xilang Township, District 3, Yongsheng County 永胜县三区习朗乡
  • 获鹿镇 Tongye 铜冶镇 Sijiazhuang 寺家庄镇 Shangzhuang 上庄镇 Licun 李村镇 Yi an 宜安镇 Huangbizhuang 黄壁庄镇 Dahe 大河镇 Shanyincun 山尹村镇 Townships: Shijing
  • Taishan District Chinese: 泰山區 pinyin: Tàishān Qū Pe h - ōe - jī: Thài - san - khu is a rural district in New Taipei, Taiwan. Area: 19.16 km² Population: 78
  • family in Xi District 西鄉 of the county. Around the time, Liang Shuang 梁雙 started a revolt in the county and occupied Xi District Wang Yi s two sons

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