ⓘ Yongchun County

Yongchun County

ⓘ Yongchun County

Yongchun is a county in western Quanzhou city of southern Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China, located on the upper reaches of the Jin River. It is under the administration of Quanzhou City. As of 2009, it had a total population of 558.996 residing in an area of 1.469 square kilometres.

Many overseas Chinese in South-East Asia have ancestors from other locations.

In the countys historic sites include the Dongguan bridge, an ancient covered bridge with lots of temples inside. Originally built in 1145 and renovated a few times since, the bridge is located in the village of Gunma of the township of Dongguan, on the road from other locations in neighboring Xianyou County.

In 2011, Taiwan temple of the goddess Mazu in xingang opened a branch Mazu temple in the area located in the village Chenban. A great contribution to the Foundation was Professor Chen from the Chinese Academy of social Sciences in Beijing, a scholar of the goddess Mazu, whose family lived in the village Chenban, who in 2010 participated in a conference in xingang. In Xingang Mazu temple financed the construction, and Professor Chen secured the necessary permits in the County other locations to expand the existing temple Taoist master Zhang Daoling, adding black hall MAZ. A statue of Mazu is carried in procession through the County during the Chinese new year holidays. The glory of the temple helped embed Chenban village whose name, according to Professor Chen "no one has ever heard before" on the map.

Other locations is the birthplace of Chinese martial arts other locations white crane Kung Fu. The style was founded in the 17th century and other locations remains the center of their ancestors to this day.

  • Shigu Railway Station, in Dongguan, Guangdong Shigu, Fujian 石鼓 in Yongchun County Fujian Shigu, Guangdong 石鼓 in Gaozhou, Guangdong Shigu, Henan 石固
  • in Yanling County Xiayang, Guangdong 下洋镇 town in Xuwen County Xiayang, Nanping 峡阳镇 town in Yanping District Xiayang, Yongchun County 下洋镇 town
  • city, Jiangsu Province Dapu, Yongchun County Chinese: 达埔镇 town in Fujian Province Dabu County Chinese: 大埔县 county of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province
  • Dongping County 东平县 Tai an, Shandong Dongping National Forest Park 东平国家森林公园 in Chongming Island, Shanghai Towns Written as 东平镇 Dongping, Yongchun County
  • Liucuo, Lunya, Nankou, Qiaotou, Sanchun, Wantung, Wanya, Wende, Yanzhu, Yongchun Zhangchun, Zhangsha, Zhongkou and Zhongzhuang Village. Hushan Temple TRA
  • Chinese Academy of Engineering. Lin was born in Jiefu Township of Yongchun County Quanzhou, China on March 13, 1938. After graduating from Zhejiang
  • 清和街道 Towns: Datun 大屯镇 Leshan 乐山镇 Townships: Shuangde Township 双德乡 Yongchun Township 永春乡 Google 2014 - 07 - 02 Chaoyang Map Google Maps. Google
  • Expansion to two tracks double track was completed in January 2005. Yongchun Station: Located between Su aoxin and Yongle. Merged by Yongle Station
  • Nanzheng, Shengai, Shenghu, Subei, Sunan, Sutung, Suxi, Tungao, Xincheng, Yongchun Yongguang, Yongle, Yongrong, Zhangan and Zhaoyang. Coral Museum Neipi
  • temples in Mainland China, where it has opened a branch Mazu temple in Yongchun Dasing Temple Dengyun College Fengtian Temple Liousing Temple Shueisian

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