ⓘ Guancheng Subdistrict

Guancheng Subdistrict

ⓘ Guancheng Subdistrict

Guancheng Subdistrict is a subdistrict in Guangdong Province, China under the administration of Dongguan City. It has an area of 13.5 square kilometres and a residential population of 230.000, of which 152.000 are new residents. Guancheng was the old political and cultural centre of Dongguan, before the government moved to the new centre in the Nancheng Subdistrict.

  • south. Its ancient name was Tangzhou 唐州 The county consists of 3 subdistrict offices, 12 towns, 7 townships, and 525 administrative villages or community
  • as the proposed Zhengzhou Wildlife Park. Huiji has six subdistricts and two towns: Subdistricts Xincheng 新城街道 Liuzhai 刘寨街道 Laoyachen 老鸦陈街道 Changxinglu
  • Basin and is flat and ridge - like. Xichuan has 2 subdistricts 11 towns, and 4 townships: Subdistricts Longcheng 龙城街道 Shangsheng 商圣街道 Towns: Jingziguan
  • sub - prefecture - level city of Jiyuan administers 8 towns, 4 townships and 4 subdistricts Jiyuan is named after the Ji river whose source is said to be a spring
  • divisions into 6 district areas. The city government directly administers 4 Subdistricts and 28 towns: Dongguan is served by Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • with the largest registered population in Henan Province. Gushi has 3 subdistricts 17 towns and 13 townships. Gushi County was the capital of one of the
  • Census 2010 The city proper based on the districts of Zhōngyuan, Erqī, Guǎncheng Huizu, Jīnshuǐ and Huìjì Census Estimates 2016 United States Census
  • divisions 866 towns, 1234 townships, twelve ethnic townships, and 328 subdistricts New district established after census: Xiangfu Kaifeng County The
  • Zhōngyuan Qū 410102 ZYQ Erqi District 二七区 Erqī Qū 410103 EQQ Guancheng Hui District 管城回族区 Guǎncheng Huizu Qū 410104 GCH Jinshui District 金水区 Jīnshuǐ Qū 410105

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