ⓘ Dumbo (air-sea rescue)

Dumbo (air-sea rescue)

ⓘ Dumbo (air-sea rescue)

Dumbo was the code name used by the United States Navy during the 1940s and 1950s to signify search and rescue missions, conducted in conjunction with military operations, by long-range aircraft flying over the ocean. The purpose of Dumbo missions was to rescue downed American aviators as well as seamen in distress. Dumbo aircraft were originally land-based heavy bomber aircraft converted to carry an airborne lifeboat to be dropped in the water near survivors. The name "Dumbo" came from Walt Disneys flying elephant, the main character of the animated film Dumbo, appearing in October 1941.

Consequently, the "Dumbo" became the unofficial nickname for any air-sea rescue aircraft, including flying boats, which have less drop heavy lifeboats, since the plane can land on water and implementation of the rescue directly. "Dumbo" was also an informal nickname for any aircraft patrol bomber Catalina, which is operated in various positions, including anti-submarine warfare against German submarines in the battle of the Atlantic.

After the 1950-ies with the development and much wider use of helicopters for air-sea rescue, Dumbo the plane was retired, and this term is no longer used.

  • completing the rescue of Deacon s Delight s crew, the ship headed for the scene of Homing Bird s crash. Guided to the scene by a Dumbo air - sea rescue aircraft
  • changed from ship - based reconnaissance and gunnery spotting to land - based Air - sea rescue This change removed the four - gun turret the design had featured. The
  • patrols, and mine - laying and Dumbo air - sea rescue missions. By 1 December 1943, the squadron s mission shifted solely to Dumbo missions, with one to two
  • south and east of Okinawa, the East China and Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. Dumbo air - sea rescue and weather flights were added to the squadron s mission
  • night operations and Dumbo air - sea rescue work during the Palau Campaign. 28 September 1944: Lieutenant Daniel U. Thomas crashed at sea while on night patrol
  • enemy forces. Besides the routine patrols the squadron also flew Dumbo air - sea rescue missions. While deployed the squadron maintained detachments at
  • were as follows: 9th Air Rescue Squadron July 1951 November 1952 Boeing SB - 29 Super Dumbo This unit flew air - sea rescue missions with aging B - 29
  • conducted strikes against Japanese targets on Ponape and Wake Island. Dumbo air - sea rescue missions were carried out on an as - needed basis in the vicinity
  • duties consisted of anti - shipping searches, artillery spotting and Dumbo air - sea rescue missions. On 3 March 1944, VP - 12 conducted a night bombing raid

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