ⓘ Garden City–Mitchel Field Secondary


ⓘ Garden City–Mitchel Field Secondary

The trackage of the Garden City–Mitchell Field Secondary, originated in the 1870s as part of the Central Railroad of Long Island CRRLI. Built by Alexander Turney Stewart, the CRRLI was a mixed use passenger and freight railroad extending from Flushing all the way through central Long Island to Bethpage, passing through the towns of Floral Park, Garden City, Plainedge, and Island Trees. Later on, Stewart extended the line south to the Babylon shore line. This portion of the railroad would come to be referred to as the Babylon Extension. At Flushing the railroad had trackage rights with the Flushing and North Side Railroad to access their Long Island City terminal where passengers could then connect to the East River ferries that would take them into Manhattan. Additionally Stewart built a branch line, which deviated from the railroads mainline at Garden City, to Hempstead. Stewart at the time was developing Garden City as one of the first planned suburban communities. The CRRLI would play an important role in transporting materials from Stewarts brickworks in Bethpage to his construction sites in Garden City, and later on allow Garden City residents to commute into Manhattan.

After passenger transfer and closing of mitchel field in 1961, trains continued to use the line in its cargo, officially giving the line its present name, the Garden City-mitchel field secondary. A large freight yard remained in the city garden, the facilities of some local industries, such as& R total bronze, and Newsday. Several passenger trains continued to use the line in the late 1960-ies to service the old Roosevelt racetrack. Many plans were developed by the departure of the train during the fifties and sixties to use the rest of the way and build a "Nassau hub" that will serve the new retail outfits that have emerged in this area such as Roosevelt field Mall, as well as the newly built Nassau Coliseum, Nassau College, which was built on part of the mitchel field site. However, the lack of resources at the time the bankrupt LIRR was bought from the MTA railroad of Pennsylvania, and General opposition from residents in garden City to postpone these plans. As the Years went on, the remaining cargo along the line also disappeared, as the LIRR has focused its resources on passenger service and the creation of East side access from long island to new York Central station.

Railroad of long island officially handed over freight to new York and Atlantic railway new York and the amplifier,and in may 1997. Currently, new York& AR has a cargo on the line.

Today, the LIRR uses a secondary transport travel equipment to and from the city-garden in the yard. The recipient also was used by the Ringling brothers, Barnum and Bailey circus train, which used in garden city sites for the storage of freight cars when he visited the memorial Coliseum Nassau Veterans that is closer to the Eastern end of the secondary winding. Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Sunday, 21 may 2017.

Currently, the line switches between single-and double-track, with some electrification as a City-garden in the yard. A number of cargo sidings and team tracks remain along the line. Most of the lines crossings remain unprotected and need the protection of the flag from the movement of train crews. Clinton road passenger station, from the first days, is still standing along with a low concrete platforms level. The plot is currently being used in the garden the fire Department of the city.

  • Hazelhurst Aviation Field 2, the facility was renamed later that year as Mitchel Field in honor of former New York City Mayor John Purroy Mitchel who was killed
  • station located on the Garden City - Mitchel Field Secondary branch of the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Garden City New York. The station opened
  • giving the line its current name the Garden City - Mitchell Field Secondary A large freight yard remained in Garden City servicing some local industries such
  • and runs east to Hempstead. At Garden City the Garden City - Mitchel Field Secondary curves off and goes to Mitchel Field The electrified West Hempstead
  • Doctson, American football wide receiver for the Washington Redskins Tevin Mitchel American football cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts Rees Odhiambo
  • The line is double tracked to just east of Garden City Station, where it is reduced to one track at Garden Interlocking for the final 1.4 miles to Hempstead
  • then returned to the United States in late May 1919. It arrived at Mitchel Field New York, where the squadron members were demobilized and returned
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  • the Palisades, located on the river s western bank. Mayor John Purroy Mitchel was positioned to accept Rockefeller s offer. However, his successor John
  • reconstruction funds because, he stated, the garden looked just fine. Under threat of tearing the garden down, the city had to find money to fill and drain the