ⓘ 386 Generation


ⓘ 386 Generation

The 386 Generation is the generation of South Koreans born in the 1960s who were very active politically as young adults, and instrumental in the democracy movement of the 1980s. The 386 Generation takes a critical view of the United States and a sympathetic view of North Korea.


1. Etymology

The term was coined in the early 1990s, in reference to what was then the latest computer model, Intels 386, and referring to people then in their 30s, having attended university in the 1980s, and born in the 1960s. As the time flows, the people in 386 generation are called "486 Generation" in the 2000s and "586 Generation" in the 2010s.


2. History

This was the first generation of South Koreans to grow up free from the poverty that had marked South Korea in the recent past. The broad political mood of the generation was far more left-leaning than that of their parents, or their eventual children. They played a pivotal role in the democratic protests which forced President Chun Doo-hwan to call democratic elections in 1987, marking the transition from military rule to democracy.

Members of the 386 generation now comprise much of the elite of South Korean society. Kim Dae-jung benefitted from widespread 386er support, but it is the election of Roh Moo-hyun who was the strongest demonstration of the more left-leaning politics of the generation.

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