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Lists of U.S. state topics

List of U.S. states U.S. state Political divisions of the United States List of U.S. state and district partition proposals List of U.S. states by number of county-equivalents List of counties by U.S. state List of United States counties and county-equivalents Counties List of the most populous county in each U.S. state


List of American Samoa territorial symbols

Fatu Rock Samoa ava ceremony The fue, Tootoo staff and Tanoa kava bowl, featured on the Seal of American Samoa and on the American Samoa quarter


List of United States Senate committees

This is a complete list of U.S. congressional committees that are operating in the United States Senate. Senators can be a member of more than one committee.


List of United States dependent visas

A dependent United States visa is a type of visa which allows spouses and children to travel to the United States for the purpose of accompanying a family member with a corresponding visa type. While many visa classes have their own dependent visa, others do not. Some of these require all family members to apply for the same visa class, such as E-2 and C-2 visas. Others such as the D-1 visa do not allow travel for dependents at all. Certain restrictions apply depending on the type of dependent visa an individual is seeking. The dependent visa classes are as follows: F-2 visa - for dependen ...


List of federally recognized tribes in the United States

This is a list of federally recognized tribes in the contiguous United States of America. There are also federally recognized Alaska Native tribes. As of 19 February 2020, 574 Indian tribes were legally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs of the United States. Of these, 231 are located in Alaska.


List of federally recognized tribes by state

Federally recognized tribes are those Native American tribes recognized by the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs for certain federal government purposes. For an alphabetical listing, see list of federally recognized tribes.