ⓘ Qingcheng District

Qingcheng District

ⓘ Qingcheng District

Qingcheng is a district of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, China.

The district has been created is located in the centre of Guangdong province, lying beside the BEI Revier. Lying on the South of Qingxin district, North of Huadu district in Guangzhou, West of Fogang country, in the East Sanshui in Foshan city, has been created, the district covers an area of 927 km2 358 square miles with a population of 620.000. The district government is located on the street Dongcheng. There are 3 towns, 4 streets and forestry.

The district has been created has a subtropical climate with average annual temperature of 22.0 °C 71.6 °F, and 2.215 mm 87.2 in the sediment.

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