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Sankt Goarshausen

ⓘ Sankt Goarshausen

Sankt Goarshausen is a town located in the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis in Nassau on the eastern shore of the Rhine, in the section known as the Rhine Gorge, directly across the river from Sankt Goar, in the German state Rhineland-Palatinate. It is located within the Nassau Nature Park and the Rhine Gorge UNESCO world heritage site, and was historically part of the Duchy of Nassau. It lies approximately 30 km south of Koblenz, and it is above all famous for the Lorelei rock nearby. Sankt Goarshausen is the seat of the Loreley collective municipality. The towns economy is based on wine making and tourism.

The train station connects the city of Saint goarshausen with Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Koblenz. St. goarshausen was formerly the end of the world train line Natal between St Goarshausen and Nastatten.

  • Gesellschaft in 1926. By the merger, the Gute Hoffnung Mine near Sankt Goarshausen came into the possession of the company. By 1950 the Stolberg Company
  • setting in the Middle Rhine Valley between Rudesheim am Rhein and Sankt Goarshausen to its location at the mouth of the Wisper and to its steep vineyards
  • Tock Boston, Massachusetts on 6 May 1983 4: 34 3. I Will Follow Sankt Goarshausen Germany on 20 August 1983 3: 36 4. Party Girl Red Rocks Amphitheatre
  • Nassau Light Railway Nassauische Kleinbahn, NKB connecting to Sankt Goarshausen and Braubach on the Rhine. Connections existed in Wiesbaden to trains
  • the same day they would play at the Night of the Prog Festival in Sankt Goarshausen Germany. In late April and early May 2018, the band took a break
  • Attend Capacity Gross Sales: 26, 354 35, 000 1, 304, 240 Germany: Sankt Goarshausen Loreley Freilichtbuhne 17 June 2016 Bietigheim - Bissingen, Festplatz
  • Cocker s final live performance, was at the Loreley Open Air Theatre in Sankt Goarshausen on 7 September 2013. While performing a concert at Madison Square
  • Stadion May 23, 1987 Konstanz West Germany Bodenseestadion May 24, 1987 Sankt Goarshausen Freilichtbuhne Loreley North America June 13, 1987 Berkeley United
  • Idrætsparken 2 July 1976 Dusseldorf Germany Philipshalle 3 July 1976 Sankt Goarshausen Freilichtbuhne Loreley 4 July 1976 Heidelberg Rhein - Neckar - Halle 8

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