ⓘ Beishi District

Beishi District

ⓘ Beishi District

Beishi District is a district of Baoding, Hebei, Peoples Republic of China. In May 2015, it was merged with Nanshi District to form the new Lianchi District.

  • and the mountains the Xueshan Range The Nanshi River merges with the Beishi River in Xindian, forming the Xindian Creek, one of the major tributaries
  • tributary is the Beishi River which originates in Shuangxi District New Taipei City at an elevation of 700 meters. The Feitsui Dam spans the Beishi southeast
  • townships. The district consists of Wu - An Wuan, Dong - Rong Tungrong, Hu - Guo Huguo, Tai - Ping Taiping, Sie - Sing Xiexing, Fong - Kou Fengkou, Bei - Shih Beishi Fong - Rong Fengrong
  • Subdistrict 北站街道 Jixian Subdistrict 集贤街道 Yuan Road Subdistrict 园路街道 Beishi Subdistrict 北市街道 Wusong Subdistrict 吴淞街道 Bajing Subdistrict 八经街道 Shisiwei
  • distance of 1.8 km. The trail is accessible by bus from Shuangxi Station. Beishi River Historical Trail Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area Liao
  • of the Tamsui River, Taiwan. It is located between the Taipei Basin and Beishi River basin and flows through New Taipei City and the capital Taipei City
  • dam on the Beishi River in Shiding District New Taipei, Taiwan, forming Feicui Reservoir 翡翠水庫 The dam is located in Shiding District New Taipei
  • consists of 5 municipal districts 4 county - level cities, 15 counties: Dissolved districts Beishi District and Nanshi District According to the 2010 Census

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