ⓘ Ham-Sud, Quebec

Ham-Sud, Quebec

ⓘ Ham-Sud, Quebec

Ham-Sud is a municipality in Quebec, Canada.

Until 22 October 2011, he was the parish municipality and his name is Saint-Joseph-de-ham-Sud. It lies to the East of watton, 20 km 12 miles and about 50 kilometres 31 mi southwest of Thetford mines. Quebec route 257 passes through the region.

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  • française, a renaming of Rivieres du Sud in 1894. For further etymology of France see above. Rivieres du Sud a former name: Southern Rivers in French
  • Siebenmann B.Sc. professor of mathematics at the Universite de Paris - Sud at Orsay, co - discoverer of the Kirby Siebenmann class, winner of the Jeffery Williams
  • Protein Stability and Finings from bentonite, Institut de la vigne et vins du sud - ouest, consulted on 12 March 2010 in French The Finings from Gelatin between
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  • Riccardo Zinna, 60, Italian actor Nirvana, This Is Not Paradise, Benvenuti al Sud and composer, cancer. David Bamigboye, 77, Nigerian military officer and
  • Beyonne: Bayonne Lamaignere Hachid, Malika 2001 Les Premiers Berberes, Edi Sud ISBN 2 - 7449 - 0227 - 6 Harrison, Michael 1974 The Roots of Witchcraft, Secaucus

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