ⓘ 2006 in video gaming

2006 in video gaming

ⓘ 2006 in video gaming

2006 saw the release of several sequels and prequels in video games, prominently including New Super Mario Bros, alongside many prominent new releases including Bully, Company of Heroes, Dead Rising, Gears of War, Just Cause, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Prey, Resistance: Fall of Man, Saints Row and Thrillville.


1. Hardware and software sales

United States

  • Based on figures from the NPD Group

Best-selling video games of 2006 in the US

  • Based on figures from the NPD Group via IGN; the games publishers are listed in brackets

Best-selling video games of 2006 by platform


  • Based on figures from Enterbrain

Best-selling video games of 2006 in Japan


  • Based on estimates from Electronic Arts

Video game console sales of 2006 in Europe

  • all music performance, and emergent in eSports and tournament gaming Video game music List of music video games Game Spot s Best of 2005 - Genre Awards
  • popular worldwide. List of video game genres Apperley, Thomas H. 2006 Genre and game studies PDF Simulation Gaming 37 1 6 23. doi: 10.1177 1046878105282278
  • In computer and video gaming a clan, community, guild or faction is an organized group of video game players that regularly play together in one or more
  • The video game industry in China currently is one of the major markets for the global industry, where more than half a billion people play video games
  • published by Codemasters. It is considered a spiritual successor to the 2006 video game Black. Bodycount revolves around Jackson, a former American soldier
  • Family Guy Video Game is an action - adventure video game based on the Fox adult animated television series of the same name, developed by High Voltage
  • May 1985. Classic Gaming Expo Don Daglow Classic Gaming Expo. 2005. Retrieved February 14, 2006 Star Jacker arcade video game by SEGA Enterprises
  • A video game publisher is a company that publishes video games that have been developed either internally by the publisher or externally by a video game

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