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ⓘ Schleiden

Schleiden is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It lies in the Eifel hills, in the district of Euskirchen, and has 12.998 inhabitants as of 30 June 2017. Schleiden is connected by a tourist railway to Kall, on the Eifel Railway between Cologne and Trier. The town consists of 18 settlements, the largest of which are Gemund and Schleiden proper.

  • membership of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in 1966 the Schleiden Medal the Robert Koch Medal the Rudolf Virchow Medal and the Ernst Jung
  • was then built past its original objective at Schleiden although a branch line from Kall to Schleiden was not opened until 1884. In 1875, the Kalscheuren Euskirchen
  • National Park. It lies west of the village of Berescheid in the borough of Schleiden The hill is used for agriculture and is a starting point for walks around
  • Aachen and Monschau, and some parts of the districts of Duren, Julich and Schleiden as well as the Selfkant district, while a part of the former district
  • National Park. Its summit is located in the extreme north of the borough of Schleiden on the territory of Gemund, a large part of it belonging to the borough
  • Lords of Junkerath, and from them by marriage to the Schleidens In 1282, Konrad von Schleiden sold Steffeln to Gerhard von Blankenheim. In 1489, 1501
  • September 2008 A history of plant biotechnology: From the Cell Theory of Schleiden and Schwann to biotech crops Plant Cell Reports. 27 9 1423 1440.
  • since 1969. Marmagen is the oldest village in the former district of Schleiden and goes back to the Roman vicus of Marcomagus on the Roman road from

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