ⓘ Jayawijaya Mountains

Jayawijaya Mountains

ⓘ Jayawijaya Mountains

The Jayawijaya Mountains, formerly known as the Orange Range, are the eastern mountain range of the Maoke Mountains in the central highlands region of the Indonesian part of New Guinea. The range extends for 230 miles east of the Sudirman Range to the Star Mountains. Its highest point is Puncak Mandala at 4.760 metres. The Baliem River has its source in the range.

Inhabitants of the range include the Ketengban.

In 1997 sightings of animals matching the description of the thylacine, an extinct Australian marsupial were reported from "the Jayawijaya region of Irian Jaya".

  • roots. For example, the name of Jayapura city former Hollandia and Jayawijaya Mountains former Orange Range in the Indonesian province of Papua were coined
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  • Yahukimo Regency. However, they used the Pendidikan Stadium, Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency to play their home game. Due to this reason, the club changed
  • Wamena IATA: WMX, ICAO: WAVV is an airport serving the town of Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia. The airport also serves the neighboring

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