ⓘ Logabirum


ⓘ Logabirum

Logabirum was documented for the first time in 1439 as Loghebeerne. Before the spelling of Logabirum was fixed, it had a number of different variations. e.g.

  • On old maps and documents, Logabirum is also written as "Logeberum," "Logaeberumi" or "Lochberum".
  • On a gravestone plate of 1598, one can recognize an old way of writing: "Loech Beerum".

There are also many different ways to interpret the origin of the name.

One possibility is that "Loghe" or "Loech" comes from German and means "town / local / village". "Beerum" or "Berum" means forest, thus, "Logabirum" meant the village in the woods. H. Lohse, and H. Thomas thought, "birum" should be attributed to the German word "bir" manor. Thus, the "Berum" would mean "in the yards" and Logabirum "in the yards from the Log."

Another explanation comes again from the fact that Celtic origin, i.e. "Lo" is height, "GE" green country, "Berum" estate "bears". It is believed that the forest in its present form was grown only in the house of count and, therefore, significantly younger.