ⓘ Line 1 (Metro Bilbao)

Line 1 (Metro Bilbao)

ⓘ Line 1 (Metro Bilbao)

Currently, Line 1 of Metro Bilbao starts on the station of Etxebarri and finishes in the station of Plentzia. Its route covers the municipality of Etxebarri, the city of Bilbao, the right bank of the Nervion river and Uribe Kosta. The line has 28 stations.


1. History

On November 11, 1995, Lehendakari Jose Antonio Ardanza Garro opened the first 23 stations of Metro Bilbao, the route between Casco Viejo and Plentzia.

One year later, June 24, 1996, Gobela Station, between the stations of Areeta and Neguri, opened, in the municipality of Getxo. On July 5, 1997, three new stations were opened, Santutxu Station, Basarrate Station and Bolueta Station.

In 1999 the constructions of the intermodal station of San Mames started. Today, that stations connects Cercanias, EuskoTran, the Termibus station and the Metro system. On January 5, 2005, the Etxebarri Station opened, which today is the terminal station.