ⓘ Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Air)


ⓘ Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Air)

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air Programs) is a civilian office in the United States Department of the Navy. The DASN reports to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition, and serves as the principal adviser to the Assistant Secretary on issues involving aircraft, sea-based cruise missiles, air-launched weapons and other airborne systems.

In DASN monitors and advises the assistant Secretary for programs managed by the command of aviation systems of naval tactical aviation programs, air anti-submarine programs, unmanned aerial vehicles, joint strike fighter and other programs. In DASN makes policy and technical recommendations for the design, conduct independent research and analysis of the ability of the industry to manufacture and repair aircraft.

Current DASN air Daniel bliss.

  • serves as Principal Staff Assistant and advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense and Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and
  • The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Expeditionary Programs and Logistics Management DASN ELM is a civilian office of the United States
  • as do each of their sole deputies Other positions include the Assistant Secretaries of Defense, Assistants to the Secretary of Defense, General Counsel
  • subordinate the secretaries of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force to the secretary of defense in the chain of command, and rename the National Military
  • the various Assistant Secretaries of the Navy and their staffs. The General Counsel of the Navy is the third highest - ranking civilian office in the Department
  • within the Department of Defense. USD A S is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense
  • matters to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense. In this capacity, USD R E serves as the Chief Technology Officer CTO for the Department of Defense
  • roles: Staff Assistant in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy commanding the Office of the Judge Advocate General OJAG and is Chief of the Judge Advocate

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