ⓘ We (Cyrillic)

We (Cyrillic)

ⓘ We (Cyrillic)

We is a letter of the Cyrillic script. In all its forms it looks exactly like the Latin letter W.

We is used in the Cyrillic orthography of the Kurdish language, in some versions of the orthography of the Yaghnobi language and in the Tundra Yukaghir language.


1. Usage

The pronunciations shown in the table are the primary ones for each language; for details consult the articles on the languages. Lowercase We is similar to some forms of Cyrillic Omega in appearance.

  • qaz for Kazakhstan is now active. It is used with web addresses using Cyrillic letters. It was launched in March 2012, when the first site, a test site
  • Latin script was introduced in 1927, then Cyrillic in 1937. Then we reverted to Latin again in 1991 as soon as we gained our independence. Changing the alphabet
  • Dragan Kapicic Serbian Cyrillic Драган Капичић born 7 August 1948 is a retired Serbian basketball player and executive. Kapicic played for the Crvena
  • Ljubim te pesmama Cyrillic Љубим те песмама English: I m kissing you with songs was the Yugoslav entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, sung
  • Ljubica Otasevic Serbian Cyrillic Љубица Оташевић born August 2, 1933 April 12, 1998 was a Yugoslav and Serbian actress and basketball player. In
  • First Bulgarian Empire, where it was subsequently also displaced by the Cyrillic alphabet developed at the Preslav Literary School. The Glagolitic alphabet
  • Nebojsa Popovic Serbian Cyrillic Небојша Поповић 8 February 1923 20 October 2001 was Serbian and Yugoslav basketball player, coach and administrator
  • Latin - script alphabets, they are rare elsewhere. There are several in Cyrillic alphabets, which for example uses five trigraphs and a tetragraph in the

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