ⓘ Emma (1972 TV serial)

Emma (1972 TV serial)

ⓘ Emma (1972 TV serial)

Jane Austens novel Emma was transmitted as a six-part TV serial by BBC Television in 1972. It was directed by John Glenister.

This dramatization brings to life the wit and humour of Jane Austens arguably finest novel Emma, recreating her most irritatingly endearing female character, of whom she wrote "no one but myself could like."

Emma presides over the small provincial world of Highbury with enthusiasm, but she will find that it is all too easy to confuse good intentions with self-gratification. The often insensitive, well-meaning, incorrigible Emma Woodhouse having engineered the marriage of governess, companion and friend Miss Taylor, now turns her attention towards making a match for Mr Elton, the local vicar, and her new protegee Harriet Smith. Her one voice of reason and restraint is Mr Knightley, who has known her since she was a child and who watches her behaviour with wry amusement and sometimes with real anger.


1. Cast and crew

  • Ellen Dryden – Mrs Weston
  • Norman Atkyns – Shop Assistant
  • Sam Williams – Gypsy Boy
  • Lala Lloyd – Mrs Ford
  • Vivienne Moore – Williams
  • Marian Tanner – Betty Bickerton
  • Doran Godwin – Emma Woodhouse
  • Tom McCall, David Butt, Christopher Green – Musicians
  • Mary Holder – Mrs Bates
  • Ania Marson – Jane Fairfax
  • Amber Thomas – Patty
  • Mollie Sugden – Mrs Goddard
  • The Tighe Family – The Knightley Children
  • Hilda Fenemore – Mrs Cole
  • Timothy Peters – Mr Elton
  • Debbie Bowen – Harriet Smith
  • Raymond Adamson – Mr Weston
  • John Alkin – Robert Martin
  • Fiona Walker – Mrs Elton
  • John Carson – George Knightley
  • Robert East – Frank Churchill
  • Donald Eccles – Mr Woodhouse
  • Constance Chapman – Miss Bates
  • Yves Tighe – John Knightley
  • Belinda Tighe – Isabella Knightley