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Busbach, located on a knoll of limestone, is surrounded by several villages. In the north Munsterbusch is directly neighboured to Busbach while Breinig and Dorff in southern direction are separated by pasture. Stolbergs district Oberstolberg as well as its industrial estate with companies like Prym or Chemie Grunenthal can be found in the east.

In the South-East Busbach nature reserves Bärenstein and Brockenberg, mining areas, offer habitats for rare flowers, insects and amphibians while natural reserve Tatternsteine MIT Talaue is famous for its Geology.

  • including educators and other staff. Luxembourg, 2 rue Marguerite de Busbach Since 2000 - a state nursery school attended by about 23 children assisted
  • District Population Busbach 227 Donndorf 2110 Eckersdorf 1952 Eschen 130 Forst 149 Hardt 31 Heisenstein 3 Lahm 29 Lochau 23 Lohe 24 Melkendorf 14 Neustadtlein

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