ⓘ Solaris


ⓘ Solaris

  • Solaris VII, a world in the fictional BattleTech universe
  • Solaris comics, a supervillain in the DC Universe
  • Solaris magazine, a Canadian science-fiction magazine

1. Organisations

  • Solaris Pictures, an Indian film production company
  • Solaris Mobile, a satellite communications service provider
  • Solaris synchrotron, synchrotron in Krakow, Poland
  • Solaris Bus & Coach, a Polish vehicle producer
  • Solaris Books, a British publisher

2. Other uses

  • Solaris, a brand of photographic film made by Ferrania
  • Solaris operating system
  • One of the "street names" of 25I-NBOMe, a psychedelic drug
  • Solaris grape, a grape variety
  • Solaris star a 10th magnitude K-type main sequence star
  • Solaris, Virginia, a community in Albemarle County
  • Hyundai Solaris, a car
  • Solaris Urbino 12 is a series of 12.0 - metre low - floor buses from the Solaris Urbino series designed for public transport, produced since 1999 by the Polish
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster sometimes Sun Cluster or SunCluster is a high - availability cluster software product for Solaris originally created by Sun Microsystems
  • SS Stella Solaris lit. Star of the Sun formerly SS Cambodge was an ocean liner built for Messageries Maritimes in 1952. She mainly provided passenger
  • Canvas Solaris are an American progressive metal band from Statesboro, Georgia, formed in 1999, and disbanded in 2011. Though they first played with vocals
  • JumpStart is a computer network installation tool set used by the Solaris operating system. JumpStart is used to manage operating system installation
  • Solaris Urbino 9 is a series of buses from the Solaris Urbino series, designed for public transport, produced by the Polish company Neoplan Polska, then
  • Solaris Urbino 10 is a series of low - floor buses from the Solaris Urbino series, designed for transport, produced since 2002 by the Polish company Solaris
  • Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid is a family of low - floor articulated hybrid buses from the Solaris Urbino series for city communication services. The production
  • franchises Solaris Books: The Interview, VanderWorld, 11 April 2006 Rebellion acquires Solaris imprint, The Book Seller, 3 September 2009 Staff, Solaris Books

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