ⓘ Office of the Chief, Army Reserve

Office of the Chief, Army Reserve

ⓘ Office of the Chief, Army Reserve

The Office of the Chief of Army Reserve is located at Fort Belvoir, VA, and provides the Chief of Army Reserve with a staff of functional advisors who develop and execute Army Reserve plans, policies and programs, plus administer Army Reserve personnel, operations and funding. The CAR is responsible for plans, policies and programs affecting all Army Reserve Soldiers, including those who report directly to the Army. OCAR is made up of specialized groups that advise and support the CAR on a wide variety of issues.

  • The Army Reserve Command ARESCOM or RESCOM Filipino: Pangasiwaan ng Panlaang Kawal ng Hukbong Katihan is a major support command of the Philippine Army
  • The Australian Army Reserve is a collective name given to the reserve units of the Australian Army Since the Federation of Australia in 1901, the reserve
  • Forces - the standing branches - and the Reserve Defence Forces. The Army is part of the PDF. Irish Defence Forces Press Office Irish Army - Organisation
  • the Army story. In a February 2000 testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, the armed service chiefs of staff testified that 30 50 of graduating
  • on the size of the regular Army the vast majority of peacetime soldiers were in reserve units of the Citizens Military Force also known as the CMF
  • Chief of the Defence Force, the Chief of Navy, the Chief of Army and the Chief of Air Force by virtue of section 9, and the powers vested jointly in the Secretary
  • the Second Line Reserve comprises the Army Reserve AR and Naval Service Reserve NSR The RDF was established on 1 October 2005 and replaced the Second
  • army It is headed by the Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff. Chief of the Army General Staff, in Rome Lazio Army Chief of Staff General Office

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