ⓘ Neighbourhood policing team


ⓘ Neighbourhood policing team

Neighbourhood policing teams sometimes called safer neighbourhood teams are a concept developed by the United Kingdom police. It involves small teams of police officers who are dedicated to policing a certain community or area.

There are 3.600 NPTs throughout the United Kingdom.


1. Role

This type of policing is designed to make the police more visible, reduce fear and aid interaction between the public and the police, and it aids in local knowledge, gaining intelligence and tip-offs from the public.

NPTs are led by a police officer, usually of sergeant/Inspector rank, and may include Police Community Support Officers, special constables, local council staff and members of voluntary organisations, such as a neighbourhood watch.

Usually NPTs are responsible for patrolling an area of around 4 square miles 10 km 2 of urban area or around 10 square miles 26 km 2 of rural area.

  • The Neighbourhood Policing Plan is a locally derived plan designed to deliver bespoke policing to a community primarily through consultation with local
  • details of the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and sometimes a message box for the local Beat Manager Manned PIPs are staffed by police support volunteers
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  • the Singapore Police Force s Neighbourhood Police Post NPP system. Based similarly on the concepts of community policing and modelled after the kōban
  • Focus - Neighbourhood Policing Team Response - Being phased out in favour for Vauxhall Astras. Vauxhall Astra - Neighbourhood Policing Team - in estate
  • publishing of the Green Paper From the neighbourhood to the national: policing our communities together The Policing Pledge officially came into force on
  • 2016. Each area is responsible for delivering response policing neighborhood policing teams and a local priority crime and Criminal Investigation Department
  • Community policing or community - oriented policing COP is a strategy of policing that focuses on building ties and working closely with members of
  • authority area is covered by a Neighbourhood Policing Team NPT Each Neighbourhood policing team is run by a Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, also referred