ⓘ Air Warrior (U.S. Army)


ⓘ Air Warrior (U.S. Army)

Air Warrior is a modular, integrated, rapidly reconfigurable combat aircrew ensemble designed for U.S. Army aircrews. Previous aviation life support equipment consisted of a non-integrated assemblage of protective and survival gear. AW uses a systems approach to equipping the aircrew and closes the capability gap between human and machine. Fielded incrementally in blocks to rapidly provide enhanced capabilities to the warfighter, AW leverages and integrates clothing and equipment, such as the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform and ballistic protection, from other product managers. As of April 2010, more than 18.000 AW systems had been fielded in support of OIF and OEF.

  • joint U S and Filipino troops, the U S Army Air Forces enlarged the airfield further to accommodate B - 17 s and B - 24 s which were used for air strikes
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  • Jeffrey Wilson. Construction began on 12 July 1941 for a cost of 4, 034, 583. Army Air Corps Project Officer, Major Henry W. Dorr supervised the construction
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