ⓘ Guns of War

Guns of War

ⓘ Guns of War

Guns of War is a 1974 Yugoslav film directed by Zika Mitrovic. It is one of the most notable examples of partisan film, a Yugoslav subgenre of World War II films which was popular between the 1960s and 1980s. The prevailing themes of anti-fascist struggle set in wartime Yugoslavia are also present here, as the film tells the story of the rise and fall of the Republic of Uzice, a short-lived territory liberated by Yugoslav partisans which existed for several months in 1941.

The film shows several love stories unfolding on the backdrop of historical events and includes appearances by Miodrag Lazarevic as Chetnik leader Draza Mihailovic and Marko Todorovic as Josip Broz Tito.

The film won two Golden Arena awards at the 1974 Pula Film Festival, the Yugoslav national film awards, including Best Film and Best Supporting Actress Ruzica Sokic. It was also entered into the 9th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Diploma.


1. Main cast

  • Aljosa Vuckovic – Luka
  • Miodrag Lazarevic – Colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic
  • Petre Prlicko – baker Pero
  • Dragan Ocokoljic – Partisan doctor
  • Marko Todorovic – Josip Broz Tito
  • Boris Buzancic – Bora
  • Mija Aleksic – Toza
  • Vasa Pantelic – Dragi Simic
  • Ivan Jagodic - Ilija
  • Bozo Jajcanin – Captain Duane Hudson
  • Ruzica Sokic – Mira
  • Neda Arneric – Jelena
  • Marko Nikolic – Klaker
  • Bogoljub Petrovic –Chetnik captain Dordevic
  • Dusan Vojnovic – Sava
  • Milutin Micovic – Radovan
  • Bozidarka Frajt – Nada
  • Branko Milicevic – Misa
  • Rade Serbedzija – Chetnik mayor Kosta Barac