ⓘ Craze (film)

Craze (film)

ⓘ Craze (film)

Craze is a 1974 horror film directed by Freddie Francis. It stars Jack Palance as a psychotic antiques dealer who sacrifices women to the statue of an African god.


1. Cast

  • Diana Dors as Dolly Newman
  • Julie Ege as Helena
  • Martin Potter as Ronnie
  • Trevor Howard as Bellamy
  • Percy Herbert as Detective Russet
  • Michael Jayston as Wall
  • Jack Palance as Neal Mottram
  • Edith Evans as Aunt Louise
  • Kathleen Byron as Muriel Sharp
  • David Warbeck as Detective Wilson
  • Hugh Griffith as Solicitor
  • Suzy Kendall as Sally