ⓘ R211 (New York City Subway car)

R211 (New York City Subway car)

ⓘ R211 (New York City Subway car)

The R211 is a future new technology New York City Subway car to be built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the B Division and the Staten Island Railway. They will replace all R44 cars on the Staten Island Railway and all R46 subway cars. The order is split into three parts: R211A and R211T cars for the subway and R211S cars for the SIR. The R211Ts will employ open gangways between cars, a feature not present on current rolling stock. The base order consists of 535 cars, with options for up to 1.077 additional cars.

Planning on ordering R211 began in 2011. The design process began in 2012, at which time the order was to consist of the 75-foot-long, 23 m cars. The length of the cars was changed to 60 feet 18 meters by 2015, and the first request for proposals was requested in July 2016. After several changes in the proposal, the Metropolitan transportation authority MTA has awarded a contract to Kawasaki in January 2018. Vehicles must be delivered between 2020 and 2023. They will contain new features such as wider doors, information screens, Wi-Fi, LED-lit apertures, open passageways, and led interior lighting.

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  • during the mid - 19th century. The arrival of the New York City Subway s Fourth Avenue Line present - day R train in the early 20th century led to its development

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