ⓘ Xabi Aburruzaga

Xabi Aburruzaga

ⓘ Xabi Aburruzaga

Xabi Aburruzaga is a Basque musician and composer, who is a master of the Trikitixa, the diatonic accordion.


1. Biography

Xabi Aburruzaga Portugalete, 1978 is a Biscayan Trikitilari who began studying music when he was seven years old and began playing the Accordion and Piano a year later. His first teacher was Rufino Arrola. Aburruzaga has won multiple awards playing his instrument and has published several books and records.


2. Own works

In 1999 he released his first album, receiving critical acclaim. The following year he received the proposal for the song "Karmelo Ikastola".

As he became more well known, he launched his Trikitixas school: Trikileku. At first they were only students from the area but today there are students from all over the province of Bizkaia Biscay. In 2002 he created a song of Bermeo celebrations, after which he published a new album with the collaboration of Mikel Urdangarin, Joseba Tapia and Iñaki Aurrekoetxea. In 2004 he participated in the song of the Ibilaldia with other artists like Eñaut Elorrieta or Oreka Tx. In 2005 he published the book Bizkaiko Trikitixa with trikitilaris score of Biscay. After publishing the book, he released an album with the same title, which sold a significant number of records. This led to his publishing another book and record, based on a song written by Faustino Arrola, adapting it to the new sounds of more modern music. On this project, he collaborated with various artists such as Amaia Oreja, Mikel Markez, Leturia and Xabi Zeberio.

In 2009 he published an album with lyrics, Denboraren Naufragoa, with texts of Kirmen Uribe accompanying the music. Currently, he is continuing new projects, as well as collaborating with the group, Oskorri. In 2010 he was invited to the famous Ortigueiras Folk Festival.


3. Discography

  • Karmelo Ikastolako Kanta 2000
  • Bizkaiko Trikitixa Diskoa 2007
  • Maketa 2001
  • Denboraren Naufrago 2009
  • Alkarregaz heldu ibilaldia 2004
  • Bizkaiko Trikitixa liburua 2005
  • Sakabi 2007
  • egunaro kalien 2002