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Zeven is a town in the district of Rotenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It has a population of around 14.000. The nearest large towns are Bremerhaven, Bremen and Hamburg. It is situated approximately 22 km northwest of Rotenburg, and 40 km northeast of Bremen. Zeven is also the seat of the Samtgemeinde Zeven.

  • cruisers and cruisers including the Swedish Tre Kronor class and the Dutch De Zeven Provincien class, after World War II. The last active ship to use the gun
  • HNLMS De Ruyter  C801 launched in 1944, was a De Zeven Provincien - class cruiser laid down as De Zeven Provincien, renamed after the sinking of the 1935
  • ranges. APAR is installed on four Royal Netherlands Navy RNLN LCF De Zeven Provincien class frigates, three German Navy F124 Sachsen class frigates
  • Koksijde UCI Cyclo - cross World Cup Zeven 2016: Elite Women Results - UCI Cyclo - cross World Cup Zeven 2016: Elite Men Results - Cyclingnews
  • De Zeven Provincien, in the Battle of Solebay. He was promoted to extraordinary captain on 15 March 1673, serving as second flagcaptain of De Zeven Provincien
  • Willem van der Zaan Tjerk Hiddes Van Amstel Abraham van der Hulst Van Nes Van Galen De Zeven Provincien class De Zeven Provincien Tromp De Ruyter Evertsen
  • and is described as an unsophisticated crooner His hits include Zeven Anjers Zeven Rozen meaning Seven Carnations, Seven Roses a hit in Dutch in
  • Sydney to gain practical experience. She established a brewing company, Zeven Lemon Beerworks, and introduced its first product, a strawberry - flavoured
  • HNLMS Evertsen F805 Dutch: Zr.Ms. Evertsen is the fourth De Zeven Provincien - class frigate of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Evertsen visited South Africa
  • works Gouden Penseel 1980 for Een huis met zeven kamers Zilveren Griffel 1980 for Een huis met zeven kamers Zilveren Griffel 1982 for De metro van

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