ⓘ Virtual Sexuality

Virtual Sexuality

ⓘ Virtual Sexuality

Virtual Sexuality is a 1999 film directed by Nick Hurran and starring Laura Fraser, Rupert Penry-Jones, Luke de Lacey, and Kieran OBrien. The screenplay concerns a young woman who designs the perfect man at a virtual reality convention, but then an accident occurs causing the man to be brought to life.


1. Plot summary

17-year-old Justine Laura Fraser bemoans being a virgin so, after being stood-up on a date, goes to a virtual reality exhibition with friend Chas Luke DeLacey. There she encounters a virtual makeover machine which she uses to create a 3-D image of her perfect man. After a freak power-cut Justine finds herself inside that male body, becoming her own ideal mate Rupert Penry-Jones. Naming this alternate self "Jake", he moves in with Chas to try and come to terms with being a teenage boy.

Jake then realises that an unaltered version of Justine is still around unaware of his existence. This unaltered Justine, on meeting Jake, falls for him unaware of the complications this poses. Jake fends her off by feigning interest in the infamous local man-eater known as "the Hoover".

A frustrated Justine then decides she must lose her virginity at any cost, and dates town sleaze Alex to achieve this. As the big date looms, Chas and Jake do all they can to thwart Justines plans.


2. Cast

  • Alan Westaway as Geoff
  • Laura Fraser as Justine
  • Amanda Holden as the Shoe Shop Assistant
  • William Osborne as the Sex Shop Assistant
  • Luke de Lacey as Chas
  • Marcelle Duprey as Fran
  • Steve John Shepherd as Jason
  • Ram John Holder as Declan
  • Laura MacAulay as Monica
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Jake
  • Roger Frost as Frank
  • Laura Aikman as Lucy
  • Ruth Sheen as Jackie
  • Kieran OBrien as Alex
  • Natasha Bell as Hoover
  • Preeya Kalidas as Charlotte

3. Production

The film was based on the 1994 Chloe Rayban novel Virtual Sexual Reality, which was part of her four-part "Justine" series of novels. The film was produced by The Noel Gay Motion Picture Company, who were also responsible for Trainspotting.

Filming took place in various locations around London. The internal Virtual Reality Exhibition scenes were filmed at Elstree Studios, using a purpose built set. The tunnel was extended before filming of the explosion was done.