ⓘ Abakan Range

Abakan Range

ⓘ Abakan Range

Abakan Range is a metamorphic rock mountain range in the Southwestern Siberia, Russia: length: 300 km, elevation: up to 1.984 m. It is mostly covered by taiga, up to 1.500 m, followed by mountainous tundra. The range also consists sparse areas of granite, gabbro, and diorite.

The range is the southern border of the Kuznetsk Depression that contains the Kuznetsk Basin of Kemerovo Oblast. The range is part of the water divide between Abakan River, Tom River, and Lebed River. It is a Northern extension of Altai Mountains and Southern extension of Kuznetsk Alatau. See Geography of South-Central Siberia.


1. Vegetation

The Abakan Range has forests of dark coniferous taiga, which include silver fir, spruce, and cedar, growing on its slopes up to an elevation of 1.700 m 5.577 ft. Higher than that, the mountains are covered in tundra.

  • the 18th century sporadically report several further entities such as Abakan Kagmasin Soyot though there is no clear evidence for any of these
  • of a large expedition to the Altai. He reached the sources of the rivers Abakan Chu, and Chulyshman. Traveling across the Southern Altai, Chikhachyov reached
  • Tunguska, Kureika, Kan, Mana, Bazaikha, Dubches, Tanama, Kacha, Kem, Khemchik, Abakan Khantayka, Yeloguy, Big Kheta, Turukhan, Sym and Tuba rivers. The 320 - kilometre
  • of Transport Engineering: JSC Abakanvagonmash ОАО Абаканвагонмаш Abakan Khakassia Republic - the largest machine - building enterprise of Russia
  • initial contract for production against the AN - 94 as a result of the Project Abakan assault rifle selection trials held from 1980 to 1994 in Russia, the Russian
  • begins, branching northeast from the Trans - Siberian Railway. Here also the Abakan - Taishet Railway ends. The town is also on the M53 Highway Moscow to Irkutsk
  • program. The program s total cost was approximately US 300 million. Project Abakan - Similar program to the ACR List of individual weapons of the U.S. Armed
  • Examples of firearms in this range are the American 5.56 mm M16 and the Russian 5.45 39mm AK - 74. Advanced Combat Rifle Project Abakan Antique firearms British
  • magazine, and holographic sight. AEK - 971 AK - 12 AL - 7 AN - 94 AO - 38 AO - 63 Project Abakan List of Russian weaponry List of assault rifles Valery Shilin s Gun Club
  • marionette tradition and in the Khakassian Republic, a puppet theater in Abakan gained note. There was an effort made to veer toward making puppets more

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