ⓘ The Mitten (film)

The Mitten (film)

ⓘ The Mitten (film)

The film centres on a girl who wants a dog. She brings home a puppy but her mother wouldnt let the puppy stay. The girl is upset and goes outside to the playground where all the other kids are walking their dogs. She starts playing with her mitten, pretending that the mitten is a dog. And the power of her imagination turns her mitten into a knitted puppy, which keeps the mitten red color and black spots on the back. The puppy starts chasing a cat which ends up finding shelter on top of the ad board saying "Everyone who has a dog is welcome to take part in the kennel club competition!" The girl takes her puppy to the competition and it completes the task better than other dogs but on the way to the finish one of the threads of puppys knitted coat gets caught by a nail on the wooden barrier and it loses the competition. The girl takes it home and is about to feed it, when it turns back to a mitten. Mom notices the girl trying to feed a mitten and decides to get her a real puppy.


1. Creators

  • Director - Nathan Bitman
  • Editor - Natalya Abramova
  • Dolls and scenery made - Pavel Gusyov, Oleg Masainov, V. Petrov, M. Chesnokova, G. Gettinger, G. Lyutinsky, A. Maximov, V. Kalashnikova, V. Kuranov, S. Etlis, leadership the Roman Gurov
  • Film editor - Vera Gokke

2. Awards

  • MKF in Moscow - a silver medal in competition of childrens movies, the movie "The Mitten" 1967
  • MKF of movies for children and youth in Gijon - the Grand Prix "A gold plate", the movie "The Mitten" 1968
  • MKF of animated cinema in Annecy - the first award, the movie "The Mitten" 1967
  • MKF of movies for children and youth in Gijon - a prize of the city of Gijon "For high art quality of animation", the movie "The Mitten" 1968
  • All-Union Film Festival - the first award, the movie "The Mitten" 1968

3. Interesting facts

  • In the movie no words are said.
  • The bulldog from the animated film was based on the director of the film Roman Kachanov.
  • Leonid Shvartsman based his character of the mother on a very close acquaintance - Tamara Vladimirovna Poletika the first wife of his friend the animator Lev Milchin.