ⓘ Delaware Water Gap station


ⓘ Delaware Water Gap station

The Delaware Water Gap is a proposed rail station to be built south of the right-of-way at PA Route 2028 in Smithfield Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania as part of the Lackawanna Cut-Off Restoration Project. The new station would sit about one mile west of the historic railroad station of the same name. Passenger rail service into New Jersey and New York City would be provided by NJ Transit via the Lackawanna Cut-Off.

Parking will be available in Delaware water gap national recreation area visitors center, located southwest of Interstate 80. Penn state recently completed work on improving the visitors center. Park-and-Ride object, the five-level garage with about 900 seats, will be built in the current Parking. The number of Parking spaces for the visitors center will remain unchanged.

Pedestrians will walk between the station and platform areas via PA route 2028, which will be improved to cope with the foot traffic. Cars coming from interstate I-80 will also use the route 2028.

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  • A predecessor to the Class I Delaware and Hudson Railway, the 1820s - built Delaware and Hudson Canal Company Gravity Railroad D H Gravity Railroad
  • Area. In New Jersey, I - 80 runs for 68.54 miles 110.30 km from the Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge at the Pennsylvania state line to its eastern terminus
  • Hoboken Terminal PATH station details Hoboken Terminal Website Historic American Engineering Record HAER No. NJ - 59, Delaware Lackawanna and Western
  • Kings Gap Environmental Education Center is a 1, 454 - acre 588 ha Pennsylvania state park in Cooke, Dickinson and Penn Townships, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
  • the controversial Tocks Island Dam project and are now part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Bushkill s transportation options are somewhat
  • Gap State Park is 7 miles 11 km from U.S. Route 322 near Milroy in New Lancaster Valley and Bald Eagle State Forest. Reeds Gap is a natural water gap
  • west - northwest of New York City - to Slateford Junction near the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania. The Cut - Off was 11 miles 18 km shorter than the
  • two or more feet of snow during a Nor easter. Red Mill Delaware Water Gap and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on New Jersey side High Point
  • The Lehigh River, a tributary of the Delaware River, is a 109 - mile - long 175 km river located in eastern Pennsylvania, in the United States. Part of the

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