ⓘ Newport-class tank landing ship

Newport-class tank landing ship

ⓘ Newport-class tank landing ship

Newport -class tank landing ships were an improved class of tank landing ship designed for and employed by the United States Navy from 1969 to 2002. The ships were intended to provide substantial advantages over their World War II-era predecessors. Larger and faster than any previous LST design, they carried a ramp over the bow that allowed them to surpass 20 knots, a goal of the United States amphibious forces. 27 were planned of which twenty were completed, the high number due to the demands of US force projection estimates. However, the arrival of the air-cushioned landing craft which allowed for over-the-horizon attacks made the class obsolete in the eyes of the United States Navy. Placed in reserve, twelve were eventually sold to foreign navies, while the remaining eight have since been decommissioned.

  • 1898 1921 USS Peoria  PF - 67 a Tacoma - class frigate USS Peoria  LST - 1183 a Newport - class tank landing ship commissioned 21 February 1970 and decommissioned
  • during an amphibious assault. The term excludes landing ships which are larger. Production of landing craft peaked during World War II, with a significant
  • renamed Frederick in 1916 decommissioned 1922 USS Frederick  LST - 1184 a Newport - class tank landing ship commissioned in 1970 and decommissioned in 2002
  • County, Rhode Island, United States Bristol, a ceremonial county in England USS Bristol County LST - 1198 a US Navy Newport class tank landing ship
  • was an LST - 1 - class tank landing ship built for the United States Navy during World War II. LST - 391 was laid down 14 July 1942 at the Newport News Shipbuilding
  • World War II USS Newport LST - 1179 was the lead ship of the Newport - class landing ship tank that served during the Cold War USNS Newport T - EPF - 12 is
  • the Austin - class LPDs including Cleveland and Trenton sub - classes as well as the Newport - class tank landing ships and the Charleston - class amphibious
  • 1976 ARM Papaloapan  A411 the former lead ship of the American Newport class of tank landing ship USS Newport LST - 1179 launched in February 1968 acquired

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