ⓘ Bumblebee (disambiguation)


ⓘ Bumblebee (disambiguation)

  • Bumblebee cichlid, Pseudotropheus crabro
  • Bumblebee goby, species of the genus Brachygobius
  • Bumblebee grouper or giant grouper
  • Bumblebee catfish, several species

1. Music

  • Bumblebee Records, which released the first solo album by Kenji Ueda
  • Hummel instrument "bumble bee" an old Swedish stringed instrument which produces a droning sound
  • "Bumble bee", a Frankenstrat guitar


  • "Bumble Bee" LaVern Baker song, 1960 song made popular by The Searchers in 1965 UK #1 EP
  • "Bumble Bee", a song originally recorded by Memphis Minnie in 1929
  • "Bumblebee" Lead song, 2018 single by Japanese hip-hop group Lead
  • "Bumble Bee", a 1999 song by Desiree Sparre-Enger Bambee
  • "Bumble Bee" Zedd and Botnek song, a 2015 song by DJ Zedd
  • "Bumble Bees", a 2000 song by Aqua
  • "BumbleBeee", a 2014 song by Kasabian
  • "Bumblebee", a song by Ween on the album GodWeenSatan: The Oneness
  • "Bumblebee", a song by Smokepurpp and Murda Beatz from the mixtape Bless Yo Trap

2. Transportation

  • Freewind Bumble B, a French gyrocopter
  • Bumble-Bee livery an informal name for the black and yellow New Zealand railway locomotive livery
  • Bumblebee Limited Edition, an edition of the Porsche 914
  • Bumblebee Edition, an edition of the Saturn S-Series
  • Bumble Bee II, the worlds smallest piloted airplane
  • ADI Bumble Bee, an American gyrocopter
  • Nelson Bumblebee, a glider produced by Nelson Aircraft
  • Humlebien "Bumblebee", the nickname for the Type C Nimbus motorcycle

3. Military

  • Bumbar "Bumble Bee", a short-range portable anti-tank missile system developed and produced by Serbia
  • Beriev A-50 "bumble bee" in Russian, an AWACS aircraft
  • Hummel vehicle "Bumble Bee", a self-propelled artillery gun used by the German Wehrmacht during World War II
  • RPO-A Shmel Bumblebee, a man-portable rocket launcher produced and exported by Russia and the former Soviet Union


  • Operation Bumblebee, a top secret US Navy program designed to develop rockets and ramjets at the end of World War II
  • Operation Bumblebee, in the Korean War in by the 3rd Battalion 7th Marines
  • Operation Teardrop, originally code-named "Operation Bumblebee", a US Navy operation of World War II

4. Fiction

  • Bumblebee Man, a character from The Simpsons
  • Bumblebee film, a 2018 film based on the Transformers character
  • Bumblebee Transformers, a car robot superhero in the American Transformers robot superhero franchise.
  • Bumblebee comics, a DC Comics superheroine

5. Other uses

  • Drozd BB rifle or "bumblebee", marked as such for its color scheme and sound
  • Bumblebee models, in mathematical physics, field theories with spontaneous Lorentz violation
  • Bumble Bee Foods, a commercial brand of canned fish and other food products
  • Bumblebee Project, an Nvidia Optimus implementation for Linux
  • Operation Bumblebee UK, an anti-burglary campaign undertaken by Londons Metropolitan Police
  • Bumblebee, the professional nickname of a Russian breakdancer Sergei Chernyshev
  • BumbleBee, a plastic ball-bearing transaxle yo-yo produced by Duncan Toys Company
  • Bumble Bee, a brightly coloured childrens ride at Marineland