ⓘ Neither Seen Nor Recognized

Neither Seen Nor Recognized

ⓘ Neither Seen Nor Recognized

Ni vu, ni connu French: Neither seen, nor known, is a French comedy film from 1958, directed by Yves Robert, starring Louis de Funes. The film is based on the novel LAffaire Blaireau by Alphonse Allais. The film is known under the titles: Neither Seen Nor Recognized, Laffaire Blaireau, and Fisch oder Fleisch. The story had previously been adapted for the 1923 silent film The Blaireau Case and the 1932 sound film The Blaireau Case.


1. Plot

In the wine-growing village of Montpaillard, the humorless gamekeeper Parju is determined to bring in the wily poacher Blaireau. One night, he is accidentally knocked out by Armand Flechard, a young piano teacher, but is convinced the attacker was Blaireau and has him arrested. However, Blaireau knows how to take advantage of any situation, and what he makes of being arrested benefits the entire village, including Flechard and his girlfriend, Arabella, the daughter of the local landowner.

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