ⓘ Nagpur CR railway division


ⓘ Nagpur CR railway division

Nagpur CR railway division is one of the five railway divisions under Central Railway zone of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed in 1867 and its headquarter is located at Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra of India.

It occupies the Eastern part of Maharashtra and small part of southern Madhya Pradesh.

Bhusawal railway division, railway division, Solapur, Mumbai railway division of the Czech Republic, and the railway division Pune other railway units within the area of the Czech Republic with its headquarters in Mumbai CST.

  • Central Railway abbreviated CR and मध य is one of the 18 zones of Indian Railways Its headquarters is in Mumbai at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
  • Hinganghat railway station is a big railway station between nagpur and balharshah section.Located in Maharashtra. Its code is HGT. It serves Hinganghat
  • junction is on broad gauge lines which connects to Itarsi in the north, Nagpur in the southeast and Chhindwara in the east. Andaman Express Gomti Sagar
  • Ratlam Division of Western Railway Zone. It has one line originating and going towards Dewas Junction which connects Ujjain - Sehore - Bhopal WR - CR link line
  • Retrieved 14 July 2017. Over Rs300 cr boost for railway infra in region - Times of India Retrieved
  • section section of the Solapur SUR Division of Central Railway CR Latur is well connected to Latur Road junction railway station, Parli Vaijnath, Purna
  • Junction railway station is a main railway station in Latur district, Maharashtra. It falls under the Secunderabad Division in south central railway zone
  • Junction railway station station code: NAB is a junction railway station on Gondia - Nagbhir - Balharshah line and Nagpur - Nagbhir line in Nagpur SEC railway division

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