ⓘ Hornet robberfly

Hornet robberfly

ⓘ Hornet robberfly

The hornet robberfly, Asilus crabroniformis, is a species of predatory insect of the Asilidae family.

Reaching more than 25 mm in length body, is one of the largest flies in the United Kingdom. and it feeds on grasshoppers, dung beetles and other flies. In contrast to the real hornet robberfly in only one yellow spot on his stomach and one pair of wings. The larvae are believed to feed on dung beetle larvae and other detritivores.

A. crabroniformis can be found at forest clearings and well-drained areas of heathland and fall, covering southern England and North-West Wales. It depends on the availability of rabbit or cattle manure.

He is a member of the family robberfly Asilidae, Asilinae subfamily and included in the list of endangered species in the British Isles.