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Neustadt am Rubenberge

ⓘ Neustadt am Rubenberge

Neustadt am Rubenberge is a town in the district of Hannover, in Lower Saxony, Germany. At 357 km², it is the 9th largest settlement in Germany by area, though only about 45.000 inhabitants live there. It is in a region known as the Hanoverian Moor Geest.

  • Mandelsloh is a borough of Neustadt am Rubenberge in the district of Hanover, in Lower Saxony, Germany. The village is close to the river Leine in a region
  • Hagen Han is a railway station located in Hagen, part of Neustadt am Rubenberge Germany. The station is located on the Bremen Hanover railway. The train
  • government reform in 1974, the area became part the Stadt city of Neustadt am Rubenberge The Ortsburgermeisterin local mayor is Ute Bertram Kuehn SPD
  • North Rhine - Westphalia Buren, a village in the municipality of Neustadt am Rubenberge Lower Saxony Buren, Aargau, part of Gansingen in the canton of
  • Evangelical Lutheran women s convent in Mariensee, a district of Neustadt am Rubenberge close to Hanover. It is one of five Calenberg Convents, which are
  • Mariensee is a village in Hanover Region, Lower Saxony in Germany. Population was 1200 in 2004. The Cicercian monastery Kloster Mariensee
  • 1598 was a German humanist, theologian, and bookseller. Born in Neustadt am Rubenberge he was educated at the universities of Marburg 1543 and Wittenberg
  • Georg Caspar Schurmann 1672 or early 1673 in Idensen bei Neustadt am Rubenberge 25 February 1751 in Wolfenbuttel was a German Baroque composer. His
  • of Calenberg - Gottingen. Eric I was born on 16 February 1470 in Neustadt am Rubenberge at the castle of Rovenburg. He was the founder of the Calenberg
  • has a distinctly rural character. The exception is the town of Neustadt am Rubenberge Within the region s borders lies the Steinhuder Meer, a lake 30
  • the brigade is stationed in Munster. Two battalions are based in Neustadt am Rubenberge The brigade has become the showcase of the German Army as a result

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