ⓘ Magik (programming language)


ⓘ Magik (programming language)

Magik is an object-oriented programming language that supports multiple inheritance and polymorphism, and it is dynamically typed. It was designed and implemented in 1989 by Arthur Chance of Smallworld Systems Ltd. as part of Smallworld Geographical Information System. Following Smallworlds acquisition in 2000, Magik is now provided by GE Energy, still as part of its Smallworld technology platform.

Magik Inspirational Magik was originally introduced in 1990 and has been improved and updated over the years. Its current version is 5.2.

In July 2012, Magik developers announced that they were in the process of porting Magik language on the Java virtual machine. The successful porting was confirmed by Oracle Corporation in November of the same year.


1. Similarities with Smalltalk

Magik itself shares some similarities with Smalltalk in terms of its language features and its architecture: the Magik language is compiled into byte codes interpreted by the Magik virtual machine. The Magik virtual machine is available on several platforms including Microsoft Windows, various flavours of Unix and Linux.

Magik is console based and code can be modified on the fly even when an application is running. The console can also be used to execute Magik code and to see the results.

Compiled code is stored in a single file called an image file. Each image file holds the compiled byte-codes and the state of the session for example variable values when the image was last saved.


2. Language features


Magik uses the # token to mark sections of code as comments:

# This is a comment.


Magik uses the < < operator to make assignments:

a < < 1.234 b < < b + a c < < "foo" + "bar" # Concat strings

For clarity, this notation is read as "a becomes 1.234" or "b becomes b plus a". This terminology separates assignment from comparison.

Magik also supports a compressed variation of this operator that works in a similar way to those found in C:

b + < < a # Equivalent to b < < b + a

To print a variable you can use the following command

a < < "hello" writea


As well as conventional data types such as integers, floats and strings Magik also implements symbols. Symbols are a special token data type that are used extensively throughout Magik to uniquely identify objects. They are represented by a colon followed by a string of characters. Symbols can be escaped using the vertical bar character. For example:

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