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Ostrum is a village in the southern part of the borough of Bad Salzdetfurth in Lower Saxony, Germany. The L 490 state road runs through the village crossing with the L493. Its immediate neighbours are the villages of Breinum to the west and Bodenburg to the south.

  • Raditz Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods - Dende Dragonaut - The Resonance - Ostrum Eden of the East - Ishii Ep. 5 Evangelion 1.0: You Are Not Alone - Toji
  • ball - point pen strokes, 20, Forensic Sci Int, p. 201 Binette, J. Barton, A. Ostrum R.B. Sep 2, 2010 Toner and Ballpoint Pen Line Crossing Determination
  • Ron Penny Bob Pope Dennis Scrimo B.J.Schiller Dixie Swanson George Van Ostrum Michael Valvano Larry Wallace Marty Woolf Christgau, Robert 1981 Consumer
  • at Rice University, United States. He is University Professor, the Karen Ostrum George Professor in Computational Engineering, Distinguished Service Professor
  • Donna Suzanne Shell born c. 1957 maiden name Ostrum is an American activist critical of child protective services. Shell grew up in Minnesota. Her
  • the other child actors from Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory: Peter Ostrum Charlie Bucket Julie Dawn Cole Veruca Salt Denise Nickerson Violet
  • congressman Charles Melville Dewey - painter Franklin B. Hough - forester Peter Ostrum - childhood actor played Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka the Chocolate
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