ⓘ Anguiano


ⓘ Anguiano

Anguiano is a small town in the province of La Rioja, Spain. It is located near Najera and has a population of about 546 people.

Anguiano is famous for its caparrones, red beans that are usually eaten in a stew with chorizo, and a yearly festival in the honor of these beans. The city is also known for its traditional dances on stilts.

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  • Province group, which consisted of painters, poets and writers such as Raul Anguiano Jose Guadalupe Zuno, Enrique Martinez Ulloa and Agustin Yañez He also
  • Continental Americas Featherweight Championship by beating veteran Hugo Anguiano On December 13, 1997 Lizarraga won the IBF Featherweight Championship
  • 13, 1921 by the terceristas, including Virginia Gonzalez Polo, Daniel Anguiano Eduardo Torralba Beci, Manuel Nuñez Arenas, Luis Mancebo and Evaristo
  • with neuron membranes, decreasing ACh release. Salin - Pascual RJ, Jimenez - Anguiano A October 1995 Vesamicol, an acetylcholine uptake blocker in presynaptic
  • pentathletes represented Mexico in 1932. Miguel Ortega Jose Morales Humberto Anguiano Five shooters represented Mexico in 1932. 25 m rapid fire pistol Arturo
  • Chihuahua d. 2017 August 12 Ariel Lopez Padilla, actor August 15 - Mario Anguiano Moreno, Governor of Colima 2009 - 2015 August 18 Felipe Calderon, 56th

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