ⓘ Westinghouse AN/FPS-27 Radar

Westinghouse AN/FPS-27 Radar

ⓘ Westinghouse AN/FPS-27 Radar

The AN/FPS-27 Radar was a Long Range search radar used by the United States Air Force Air Defense Command.

Westinghouse built a frequency different FD search radar designed to operate in the S-range from 2322 to 2670 MHz. The radar was designed to have a maximum range of 220 NMI 410 km, 250 miles and search to a height of ft m. 150.000 46.000

The problem is the system requires several modifications in the test platform, located in crystal springs, Mississippi. Once these problems were solved, the first of twenty units in the continental United States, began operating in Charleston, Maine, in 1963. The last block was installed in Bellefontaine, Ohio, a year later. All / FPS-27 radars were installed on sites that had / FPS-6, / FPS-26 or / FPS-90 height finder radars. In the functional possibilities of 3-D an / FPS-27 was not available to an / FYQ-47 common digitizer for use in semi-automatic Ground sage system.

3-D functions is made possible through the use of a "vertical beam" radiating a feed in a parabolic reflector. The received radar return was detected in the same or adjacent irradiators that the radar receiver is calculated relative height position.

In the early 1970-ies, with an / FPS-27 radar stations that were not closed received a modification of the solid-state receiver scheme is replacing vacuum tubes, which increases the reliability and saved on maintenance costs. The upgraded radars were appointed / FPS-27A.

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