ⓘ Kiev Light Rail

Kiev Light Rail

ⓘ Kiev Light Rail

Kiev Light Rail or Kiev Express Tram is a light rail rapid transit service that serves the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The system is grade-separated from Kievs regular tram system.

There are two separate light rail lines which are not connected. A third line has been announced. Both extant lines have intermodal stations providing links with the Kiev Metro, urban electric train, in addition to other modes of the citys public transport.


1. Lines

Pravoberezhna Line

The Pravoberezhna Line Ukrainian: Правобережна лінія is the first tram line to be opened, and is located on the citys right-bank. It was closed for reconstruction in 2008 and opened again on 16 October 2010. The line is separated from other street traffic by fence for most of its length.

Livoberezhna Line

The Livoberezhna Line Ukrainian: Лівобережна лінія is the systems second light rail line that was built in 1993-2000 to serve the Troieschyna neighborhood. It was closed after low passenger traffic in 2009, although it was rebuilt to connect with the urban electric train in 2010-2012 and re-opened on 25 October 2012. The line is also entirely separated from other traffic with fence and bridges.

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