ⓘ The Undefeated (2000 film)

The Undefeated (2000 film)

ⓘ The Undefeated (2000 film)

The Undefeated is a 2000 Ukrainian film by Oles Yanchuk, a producer and director previously praised by The New York Times and Time magazine for his 1991 film Famine-33.


1. Plot

In 1950, long after World War II has ended, a fight continues behind the newly drawn Iron Curtain: as the Ukrainians keep fighting both Nazi and Soviet forces, General Roman Shukhevych Hryhoriy Hladiy is forced by brutal circumstances to lead a guerrilla war as part of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army UPA.

The film explores Shukhevych, both as a military leader and a family man. In the end, Shukhevych was unable to defeat the Soviet forces and was killed in a targeted assassination by the MGB, but the UPA re-enforce Ukrainian nationalism as an underground force until the end of the Cold War.


2. Cast

  • Viktor Stepanov - major NKVD
  • Volodymyr Horianskyi - agent Pashkevych
  • Hryhoriy Hladiy - Roman Shukhevych
  • Svitlana Vatamaniuk - Natalka Shukhevych
  • Serhiy Romaniuk - Soloviov
  • Yaroslav Muka - Stepan Bandera
  • Viktoriya Malektorovych - Halyna Dydyk
  • Dmytro Myrhorodskyi - Yosyp Shukhevych

and others


3. Production notes

The Undefeated was filmed at the "Studio Oles-film" with the monetary assistance from the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America UCCA, with the National Cinema Studio of feature films named after O. Dovzhenko. The films chief advisor was Ukrainian American specialist Askold Lozynsky. It was filmed on location in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, and such remarkable cities of Ukraine as Odesa, Kyiv and Lviv,

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