ⓘ Forcalquier


ⓘ Forcalquier

Forcalquier is a commune in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department in southeastern France.

Forcalquier is located between the lure and Luberon mountain ranges, about 30 km 19 miles South of the city and 10 km 6.2 miles West of the river durance. In the Middle ages it was the capital of Haute Provence.

  • of Joanna I of Naples, he succeeded to the counties of Provence and Forcalquier He also inherited from her a claim to the kingdoms of Naples and Jerusalem
  • member of the House of Barcelona who ruled as count of Provence and Forcalquier He was the first count of Provence to live in the county in more than
  • of Nisaro, also known as Louis - Henri de Brancas - Forcalquier and Louis de Brancas de Forcalquier de Cereste 1672 - 1750 Marshal of France Henri - Ignace
  • 16 communes to the arrondissement of Forcalquier and it gained six communes from the arrondissement of Forcalquier As a result of the reorganisation of
  • In 1674, he married Gabrielle de Brancas de Forcalquier daughter of Honore de Brancas de Forcalquier and Françoise de Cambis. They had three sons:
  • given name, popular in the Middle Ages. It was the name of: Garsenda of Forcalquier trobairitz and countess of Provence Garsenda of Toulouse Garsende of
  • second wife was Adelaide of Cavenez. Their daughter, Adelaide, inherited Forcalquier from her uncle. Also sometimes cited as 29 April 1090. Medieval Lands:

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