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ⓘ Vervins

Vervins is a commune in the Aisne department in Hauts-de-France in northern France. It is a subprefecture of the department. It lies between the small streams Vilpion and Chertemps, which drain towards the Serre. It is surrounded by the communes of Fontaine-les-Vervins, La Bouteille, Landouzy-la-Cour, Thenailles, Hary, Gercy, and Voulpaix. Its population is 2.502.

Vervins was mentioned as Verbinum in the 3rd century Antonine itinerary. The Roman theatre was excavated in 1870. The world of Vervins was signed here in 1598, the end of the war between France and Spain.

  • Sillery, chancelier de France 1544 - 1624 un des plenipotentiaires de Vervins 1599 et le . 2 Pierre Brûlart, marquis de Puisieux 1583 - 1640 fils
  • Provinces. Peace was achieved by several treaties: 1598: The Peace of Vervins ended Spanish involvement in the French Wars of Religion. Spain had been
  • countryside is now flat and open. The road turns north after the small town of Vervins The road then crosses the upper reaches of the Oise. At La Capelle the
  • massacred the entire population. It was restored to France by the Peace of Vervins 1598 On 26 March 1918, orders giving General Foch overall command of
  • until May 1598 when it was returned to the French following the Treaty of Vervins It was rebuilt in 1640. Vauban, who visited the fort some time in the
  • Protestantism when he was involved in the case of Nicole Obry, known as Nicole de Vervins at which time he exorcised 30 devils, including four from Nicole herself
  • married Felicitas 1220 - 1307 the daughter of Thomas II of Coucy, Lord of Vervins Baldwin was the father of: John d. 1283 married Agnes of Valence, the

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