ⓘ Anastasia (band)


ⓘ Anastasia (band)

Anastasia was a Macedonian music group. The band was formed in 1987 as Apokrifna Realnost and changed their name to Anastasia in 1989. Their members are:

  • Zoran Spasovski ex Mizar, Aporea
  • Goran Trajkoski
  • Zlatko Origjanski ex Lola V. Stain

Their music is a blend combining Byzantine past, through Eastern Orthodox Church music with a rich gamut of ethnic Macedonian music rhythms.

Anastasia have written several music scores for films, theater performances and TV programs. Their soundtrack for the Academy Award-nominated movie Before the Rain was released in 1994 by Polygram and sold thousands of copies worldwide. In the same year, the Thessaloniki-based label Poeta Negra released a 12" EP containing the tracks "By the Rivers of Babylon" and "Pass Over." In 1997, they released "Melourgia" on the Greek label Libra cat. no. L.M.007; the record included a reworked version of "By the Rivers of Babylon." This was followed by their last album to date, "Nocturnal," on the same label L.M.013; this record saw the band including electronic elements in their music as well.


1. Discography

  • Na rjekah vavilonskih 1990, DOM
  • Nocturnal 1998, Third Ear Music
  • Na rjekah vavilonskih 1988, self-released
  • Melourgia 1997, Libra Music
  • Before the Rain 1994, PolyGram
  • Waterson, lead guitarist David Wheeldon, electric bass Anastasia Zio and drummer Stevie Ingham. The band s formation also includes Ali Tollervey, photographer
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  • Harvey Dies on Boat. Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 12, 1982, p. T - 23. Anastasia Pantsios. Rock Beat. Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 25, 1980, p. T - 34
  • whom he had two children: Brennan and Brandi. He was later married to Anastasia Pruitt from 1999 until their divorce in 2009. During a business dinner
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